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  • Virtual Racing Industries announces release date 1:8 nitro buggy

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    The launch date of the highly anticipated 1:8 nitro buggy is now officially December 18th 2013, just in time for the Christmas holiday period. The nitro buggy is the latest addition to VRC-PRO.

    Together with this launch, VRC-PRO will also release 4 exciting full-size off-road tracks: Psych Nitro Blast ’12 (US), Speed Paradise Buenos Aires (Ar), IBR Padova (It) and the 2013 IFMAR Worlds edition of Silver Dollar (US). Other full size off-road tracks planned for 2014 are the NeoBuggy Harper track ’13 (UK), the Pataya 2010 Worlds track (Id), the 2013 version of the Psycho Nitro Blast and the 2013 K-netic track (Id).

    3DS technology
    After releasing short course trucks in September 2012, and despite all the experience gained with developing the short course class, it took over a year to develop the new 1:8 nitro buggy class. To support the ultra realistic fully animated suspension, a completely new 3-dimensional suspension geometry (3DS) was developed. A direct spin-off of the new 3DS technology was a much more accurate suspension physics which enabled us to introduce new set-up features for the off-road cars like anti-squat, bump-steer and true Ackermann to name just a few. We at Virtual Racing Industries are confident that the new 1:8 nitro buggy will be a great addition to VRC Pro and will please the huge following this class of r/c racing has world-wide.

    Jump and fly like a Pro…
    Even more so than with on-road cars, VRC Pro will help the beginning, the average and even the pro drivers to hone their skills, especially the air-borne skills which would require you to take quite big risks if done with your real buggy. Flight control is key in off-road racing, especially with the jumps getting bigger, more spectacular and more risky all the time. With VRC Pro you can practice your take-off, pitch control and pointing the car jump after jump, lap after lap until you feel confident enough to try this with your real buggy without fear to take all the corners off your car.

    ‘Limited’ unlimited All-inclusive subscription offer
    As the 1:8 nitro buggy will only be available as a paid, full-option chassis, we have combined the buggy launch with a very special offer. We have now opened up a limited number of seats (1000 only, 780 remaining to date…) for the premium unlimited all-inclusive membership at 50% off and only in December! Getting this special deal pays for all of your cars, components and tracks, for unlimited time, including new (off-road) cars and tracks which will be released in the future. And if you want to give on-road a try, there are 4 on-road classes and dozens of world renowned on-road tracks waiting for you as well! It won’t get any better or any cheaper than this...
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